Welcome to Jennifer Garrison Designs!

My unique style of jewelry design evolved from a winding path of many interests and talents.  Growing up in Washington D.C. exposed me to a world of diverse forms of art and cultures.  I started sewing and doing fine needlework from an early age which led to a love of costuming and surface embellishment on just about everything.

That led to a journey of weaving baskets inspired by many different cultures.  I was drawn to Native American and African designs along with a variety of contemporary styles.

Next came my adventure into the beadweaving world!  I took every workshop and seminar available to build up a repertoire of techniques to use in my work. My interest in fashion led me into what I am doing now with jewelry design.  Each piece is unique and meaningful.  I enjoy the finishing touches, including adding what I call “do-dahs”, charms that capture the spirit of the piece with a tiny icon or a finishing element hanging off of the clasp.  The back of the necklace is as important to me as the front, creating interest on either side.

I have sold my work in galleries, Interior Design showrooms, Events and Trunk Shows as well as retail shops.  My website is a small window where you can peek at some of my creations and interests.  I continue to explore other mediums, such as mosaics, and hope to continue to add new things here to document what I do.  My shop on Etsy carries my work which is available for online purchases, but do feel free to leave a comment if you see something here that is not there or contact me for commissions or other questions.

Enjoy the show!


Studio Photos: